Thursday, 30 June 2011

I heart Moroccan tiles x

I'm too buggered to bother blogging about my recent experience with a telecommunications company - I shall leave that one to another day...

I hope you're all having a super week. Charlie has another virus - vomited all over Laurent today (better him than me, I say!!!!) so it looks like Charlie and I are hang'n in the crib tomoz...

I have a thing for Moroccan tiles - I've already pre-warned my husband that they'll somehow be incorporated into our future "dream" home... It's also an excuse to head over to Marrakesh, a place I'd love to go...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Well it's about time !

Well the day has come and our first shipment has finally arrived and thanks to our amazing customs broker, we appear to have escaped our first attempt at importing unscathed (which from what I understand, is a tremendous feat!)

Ok so our online store, French Furniture Direct will be launching in a couple of weeks. Never to do things lightly, we've also started a brand "Funky Louis" and we'll be wholesaling these. We're currently on the hunt for amazing boutiques and online stores that would love to stock these!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

MIA but not MIS !!!

Sorry, I've been MIA but not MIS (missing in stress) and a b&*(&)(*^%&^%&*dy hell-uv-a-lot of it! On top of importing, building an online store and all that goes with those two minor undertakings, it appears our hot water system is not so "hot" right now (even though it's only a year old and this appears to be its second indiscretion!!!!!!!!!), my new computer seems to have connectivity issues (expletives galore today - all in my head of course! ... ok I let a couple slip out)... ummm what else... oh I'm also playing host to one of the many viruses that Jack & Charlie bring home, Laurent is a walking virus right now and oh, our bl*()Y*&^*(dy phone has a permanent engaged tone!

Ok, sorry to vent on you all... 

here's a couple of images to balance my written onslaught! Dammit!!!!! I've just seen a mouse scurry across our living room floor... 

Jack & Charlie... Jack played happily today with a tarpaulin and a piece of packing tape stuff and Charlie has a fixation lately with my makeup - I'm still trying to find my mascara!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cold toes & Colourful couches !

Ok the question begs: "why am I wearing sandles when it is freeeeeeeeaaaaking cold here in Brisbane?!?!"

anyway, I know it doesn't warrant a response...

OMG I just discovered these today by a UK designer - her brand is Couch... I'll be heading OS later this year on the hunt for amazing textiles for our louis... YEY can't wait! My husband and I are hanging for a mini-break sans children (just 4 days but that'll be enough)!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Oh Mr Adler !

Jonathan Adler is a Jewish-American interior designer known for is "happy chic" style in interior design. He's a potter by trade and made it BIG when he first sold his designs to Barnys New York in 1993 (which when I think about it, seems like forever ago - who would have thought the 90's could sound so super old!")

As a sought after interior designer, Monsieur Adler was involved in the 2009 project designing the "Dream Malibu" house for Barbie's 50th birthday (and I shall add here... only in America can a plastic 20 something centimetre doll with extremely pert breasts be idolised and have a "dream home" designed when clearly all she needs is a box not much bigger than herself!)

and here's some hand-loomed lama wool rugs he sells in his online store...(I want them AAAALLLLLL)

obsessed much?

I'm obsessed with a free photo editing online software I discovered recently Pixlr. So I've done a new blog banner... i'm going to rotate them every couple of weeks or so... gives me an excuse to feed my obsession!

Got lots of washing to do today as I walked into Charlie's room last night to check on him and had discovered he had vomited all over his sheets and fell back asleep... poor thing! So he was up till midnight having his own private party because he obviously felt much better after a wash and some clean sheets! He seems good as gold today so must of been a bug just passing by to say "Hi" and couldn't obviously hang around for as long as its mates often do!

here's a couple of other banners I've created for French Furniture Direct ... it'll give a sneak peak into what we've got in store for you all. Happy Sunday and I hope you all (including myself) have a vomit free day! x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Where do all the socks go?

definition: black hole is a region of space from which nothing, not even light can escape.

So I'm now going to expand on this definition and say, not even my childrens' socks can escape!

I'm not sure even Einstein could provide me with a feasible explanation as to why my children have only one of each sock [pair] remaining. So after turning the house upside down whilst mumbling a hell-of-alot of expletives, I've come to the conclusion that there is a black hole in my house (that I can't see but know it's there) that sucks one sock (only one) from each pair into it!

So while my kids socks are being sucked into my household black hole, I'm still ogling my ikats and all the things I could do with them such as...


{above images images sourced by &}

Cushions.... (piping would look super amazing!)

et la piece de la resistance...

{image via}

Our online store French Furniture Direct, launching next month, will aspire to be your one stop shop for all things French Provincial... our quality is second to none and so are our prices! Our first shipment contains our Provincial Bergere Chairs in linen or cotton, solid oak frames with foam and feather cushions & hand finished in either Antique White, Antique Black or French Oak! Our Manhatten Libraries are amazing and we will have these in Antique Black and Antique White x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Virus Factory

Jack (3 in October): runny nose, chesty cough, birds nest at the back of his head as he won't let me brush his hair and intermittent whinging.
Charlie (13 months): runny nose, low grade fever, mild viral rash and constant whinging especially when I take a sidewards step into his peripheral vision.
Laurent (39... but I often ask him how the big '4' '0' looks!): runny nose, cough, has recently acquired an addiction to Vicks and also likes to regularly communicate his sentiments on his illness and his general overall feeling of malaise.
Me (33 and it appears the years of lying in the sun has recently decided to reveal itself): I am yet to be infected however I'm a little over the whinging...

On the bright side, our first container of furniture for our online Store French Furniture Direct - due to launch in July, is not far off and I think I'd really love to team this Laurent Dining Table:
with these Replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chairs:

These Chairs come in a million different shades, are child proof (thanks to powder coated steel) and can be found at Matt Blatt

I love mixing styles...  x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Vicks anyone?

Ok so picture this: my Frenchman sitting at his desk with a towl over his head and him inhaling a whole heap of vicks he just dumped in a bowl with boiling water... I can't quite articulate the sound affects but it's full of French expletives, groans, sniffling and I've just looked over again and he's now repositioned the bowl in one hand whilst he types with the other... clever chicken!

ooops there's more expletives... not sure if it's working! lol

On the bright side, I'm working with my manufacturer on creating a range of French furniture pieces for little ones... just imagine... mini funky louis with mini little ottomans... AMAZING!!!

I LOVE Anne Harwell aka ANNECHOVIE  - her paintings are so beautiful and tres chic!