Friday, 26 August 2011

Daffodil Day

Today is Daffodil Day and it wasn't that long ago that my Frenchman found a very very nasty and large blue/black mole on his leg. It was melanoma and we were very very lucky that it was caught just in time. Now on his leg he has a large scar and a constant reminder to Slip, Slop, Slap. He is from the Mediterranean and has dark skin, rarely burns and the last person I would have thought would have had melanoma! For more information or to make a donation, click here.

image via Design Sponge

Thursday, 25 August 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Robbie Deans Ousted as Wallabies Coach!

and apparently he's been replaced by none other than brother duo, Jack & Charlie Garnier.

It appears Jack was selected for his expertise in "line outs"

Assistant Coach, Charlie Garnier has recently snubbed media reports that his short stature may interfere with his ability to bring home the World Cup saying: "Abaaaa baaaa daaaaa daaaa baaaaah". Well said Charlie! (pictured above and clearly demonstrating that being short is no obstacle)

While Jack talks, Charlie smiles... that's how these two roll!

After instructing the on field trainers via phone, Jack & Charlie follow through!

And the man who started it all "Papa Garnier". Pictured with Peter Harding, the Wallabies trainer, Papa Garnier AKA Laurent/Loz knows Peter from way back when Peter trained his team in France!!! Jack & Charlie decided to keep Peter on due to his links with their papa!

Monday, 22 August 2011

French friends, pizza hut & I'm so embarrassed !

Yes that's right! Tonight I find myself half-cut slightly inebriated with some fantastic frenchies that have visited us from far far away and I'm completely mortified that my husband's choice of dinner was "pizza hut". I found myself littering conversations of my bad French with their bad English with apologies of "sorry about the pizza"...  and... "hey but how nice is this wine!"

Here are some fantastic blogs to go check out ...

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Erin xx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rain, Ikats, Kilims & Charlie's eating Chalk !

Yes it's a beautiful rainy day here in Brisbvegas today. Thank god as our Sir Walter has been struggling of late and could really do with a good drink! So as I type, Charlie is doing  laps of the kitchen island bench with a chalk covered face (don't stress, it's non-toxic and it appears he likes to eat it!) with my ikat fabric in tow... it's his new thing...dragging ikat fabrics around the house (and eating chalk...)

Jack is watching Dora, who I have to endure  listen to her screechy bilingual tongue on a daily basis. I 'm also lucky enough to get two versions - the English speaking one and the French speaking one. Trust me when I say that they're both as irritating as each other!

Anyhoo... Check out these cushions I have sourced. They're made from antique handwoven Turkish kilim rugs. They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Sukan / SOFT Hand Woven - Turkish  Kilim Pillow Cover - 16x16

Sukan / SOFT Hand Woven - Turkish  Kilim Pillow Cover - 20x20

Sukan / Hand Woven - Turkish Striped Kilim Pillow Cover - 18x18

Sukan / SOFT Hand Woven - Turkish Kilim Pillow Cover - 20x20

Sukan / SOFT Hand Woven - Turkish  Kilim Pillow Cover - 16x16

and check these babies out... Recycled Coffee Bags in their new life as a cushion!
Cafe Do Brasil -  Velvet and Burlap Coffee Sack Cushion

Dante - Burlap Coffee Bag Pillow

images via Funky Louis Pinterest

Erin x

Saturday, 20 August 2011

fenton & fenton

If you haven't arleady, go check out the amazing online space that is fenton & fenton


Their Site was designed by Laura Baxter AMAZING!!!!

You can also check out their blog here

Erin xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Uncle Karl ? & 6 degrees of separation !!

I love Uncle Karl's latest Chanel campaign (I call him "uncle" because he wrote the forward to my Aunty Vee's book, Bordello - she's a really successful fine art photographer and has lived in Paris since forever)...

Anyhoo, I sound like a desperate groupy now but it's not my fault... it's obviously the theory of 6 degrees of separation!

Erin x


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Le fabulous Fab & Mr Herm├Ęs

You know those women that look really fantastic when they workout? Well, unfortunately I'm definitely not one of them! I've been going to personal training for a little while now, trying to get back into shape since Mr Charlie's arrival (another 5 kilos and I'll be happy .... and why is it always 5 kilos?).

The image of what I look like in my mind (fantasy) never seems to quite match up to what I inevitably see in the mirror (reality). I'm always a little gutted when I see my beetroot-red face in the mirror and hair that... well... just looks bloody bad! And don't get me started on the muffin top phenomenon!

So that being said, I avoid looking now... however it doesn't stop me from wondering why they put those stupid huge mirrors all throughout the gym??? I mean lets face it... who wants to see the likes of me heaving and staggering around in their peripheral vision whilst they're trying to work-out! Well, I know I certainly don't!

So the cause of my aforementioned condition is a Frenchman called Fabrice. Fabrice is a friend of my husband who owns his own personal training business here in Brisbane. He's so good at what he does that I think he's worth a mention for any of you readers out there that want a serious workout (he has a masters in sports science and I dare say will be training a professional sports team in the not too distant future).

Anyway, he might look nice & friendly (see below picture) but an hour with him and you'll be ready to hurl and stagger your tired gluteus maximus all the way home...

Fabrice Personal Training 

So whilst I was staggering walking through the city after my torture training session with the fabulous fab, I noticed that Brisbane now has a Hermes store (and if it's been there for ages, I make my point again that I've dumbed down a-hell-uv-a-lot since becoming a mum and tend not to notice things that have been staring me in the face for months!)

So good on you Brisbane! Oh and I also saw that Coco has sent Chanel our way also...!!!

Hermes Handbags

image via coachstarbags

images via Paola's Closet

images via Karin Adores

God the Hermes Spring 2011 collection makes me want to seriously get on a horse now and go for a ride... Yeeeehaaaaaahhhh!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Melbourne to Perpignan !

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while. Laurent and I had a couple of days in Melbourne and were lucky enough to stay at the Crown Towers. I think the highlight of our trip was a nice evening spent drinking some fantastic wine followed by a few Mojito chasers at The Waiting Room

This is the waiting room...

and we were sitting right here

We also had a fantastic lunch in this little alley near Flinders St. So much so we went back the next day for breakfast! The atmosphere reminded Laurent alot of Toulouse. It definitely had a European vibe and reminded us of how much we miss that French feel you only get by living there...

My husband has lived in Toulouse but he's from Perpignan (the Catalan region - the Catalans are a stubborn special bunch!)

La Basse (it's in the city centre)

Le Castillet, which is also part of the town centre and is now the emblem of Perpignan. Laurent explained that once upon a time, Perpignan was surrounded by a big wall and le castillet was the gate/entrance into the town. So I asked "where's the wall now?"
Laurent says "they destroyed it!"
and I said "who's they?"
At this point he looks at me a little puzzled (but he keeps saying "they" and I don't know who "they" are)!
So I ask again, "who's they?"
And Loz in all his French infused wisdom (coupled with that puzzled look he was sporting before) says, "the French people"!
aarrrrhhhhhh et voila! Wow I feel so confused enlightened!

This is Collioure! It's about a 30 minute drive from perpignan... I spent a few days lazing on the pebbly beach surrounded by hoards of English tourists! That's the thing about Europe in general, the more beautiful the place the more tourists it attracts... which I always feel somehow subtracts a little from its appeal (even though I was one myself... more-or-less).

Interesting fact about Collioure 
Apparently every 15th of August, there is have a massive festival (La Feria) where they have bull fighting (which I hate), fireworks worth millions of dollars and LOTS of alcohol! They close off the whole town and the only way to enter is by walking or train. (Laurent then mumbles under his breath "putain I was pissed at this festival")...

One of my favourite places in France was Villefranche de Conflent. It's also about 30 min from Perpignan and is positioned up in the Pyrenees Orientales. This town's beauty is undeniably breathtaking. Laurent's best friend, Nicolas owns a restaurant in the old castle (which is the town... apparently they built the towns like this to protect the people)

Nicolas is an AMAZING chef and I ate some of the best food of my life in his restaurant (le Grill la Senyera).
If you're ever over his side of town definitely go check it out and whatever you do, order the duck!

Ok I shall sign off now and besides, Jack is crawling all over me and typing is becoming increasingly difficult as the minutes pass...

Erin x

Monday, 1 August 2011

I adore, you adore, we all adore adore x

Latest issue of Adore is out... I am going to sit back tonight and enjoy reading this whilst my little french fries are sleeping (actually, I don't really read since having children - too tired...I just ogle the pretty pictures! Yes, unfortunately it appears I've dumbed down a hell-uv-alot in the past couple of years)...  Erin x

You too can ogle all the pretty pictures here